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I can do in 20 seconds with Storytell what took a team of PMs months to accomplish: learn what my customers deploy to whether I was in the meeting or not. This not only changes what we build, but also opens up expansion opportunities.

Stephen Atwell
Product Manager - Harness

“I realized that there's a lot of articles that I read many of which are professionally focused that I'm skimming or trying to extract manually the insights and Storytell was just so good at providing me with the punchline.”

Pierre Tapia
Director, B2B Product Marketing - Adobe

“The Storytell.ai feature that really impressed me was tagging. Tagging allowed me to create a particular structure around my content so that I could assemble short topics and long topics based on tags.”

Cheryl Solis
Staff Technical Writer - Stellate.co

“Storytell makes me feel like a superhero”

Grant Simmons
VP - Kochava Foundry

“Storytell makes our meetings profitable”

Anton Belo
VP Growth Marketing - Kochava Foundry

“I was talking with the Storytell.ai folks about how Storytell can be helpful to lawyers and clerks to decipher the Amicus Briefs groups send. And you know what, a month prior their cofounder did this, created a chatbot where you can "Understand and Chat with US Supreme Court Decisions" how awesome is that!!!”

Johnson Hor
Founder - Shoebox Ventures

“I’m finding Storytell really helpful for my work…I used it to help me generate pitch ideas for a YouTube video based on an academic paper — and had a client accept one of those pitches!”

Samia Bouzid