June 27, 2024

The Art of Prompting: Tips and Tricks from Leading Experts

Learn prompt engineering techniques to get better results from AI tools!

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Hosted by Erika Anderson, CCO of Storytell.ai, this webinar is designed to provide you with actionable tips, best practices, and essential strategies, empowering you to effectively communicate with AI and achieve better results. Learn from Suj Perepa, IBM Distinguished Engineer, and Jimmy Vaughan, former Microsoft Partner Technical Specialist, as they share the secrets to prompt engineering.

More about the panelists:

Jenny Wright

Jenny Lee Wright is the Director of Knowledge at Singularity, where she brings creativity to the world of exponential technology, with a particular focus on GenAI. With a background in English, Art, and library sciences, Jenny's expertise lies at the intersection of content management and artificial intelligence. She is passionate about utilizing AI to enhance organizational efficiency and creativity, a principle that guides her career in knowledge management, content management, and learning design.

Suj Perepa

Suj Perepa is an IBM Distinguished Engineer specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. As the AI Adoption Leader for the Financial Services Sector at IBM, she collaborates with top Banking, Insurance, and FinTech clients to drive strategic AI and ML adoption. Suj's expertise includes advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), Conversational AI, and AI-infused Business Automation. As a panelist in AI prompt engineering, Suj brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly in the practical application of AI techniques

Jimmy Vaughan

Jimmy Vaughan is a distinguished expert in the fields of Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams Room Systems, with a rich background that spans over two decades. Currently serving as a Partner Technical Specialist at Microsoft, Jimmy engages with Microsoft Partners on well-qualified opportunities, coaches them on effective product demonstration techniques, and supports them in competitive sales engagements. His role also involves providing guidance on optimal technical solutions to both customers and partners. Jimmy's expertise extends to generative AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot, where he emphasizes the importance of effective prompt engineering. He advocates for a dynamic and interactive approach to working with AI

Webinar topics:

  1. What is Prompt Engineering?
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the concept of prompt engineering, its significance in the AI field, and how it shapes interactions and outcomes when working with AI tools.
  2. Best Practices and Practical Tips
    • Learn essential best practices and practical tips for crafting effective prompts, including strategies for clarity, relevance, and specificity to ensure you get the best possible responses from AI.
  3. Fine Tuning Your Prompts
    • Explore advanced techniques for refining and optimizing your prompts, utilizing feedback and iterative improvements to enhance the precision and usefulness of AI-generated results.

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