DistillAI: Signal from noise

This is our Vision. Our ultimate destination. This is why Storytell exists.

The early 2020s saw the rise of GenAI. What comes next is DistillAI, a new AI category created by Storyrtell.

DistillAI is AI technology that helps people separate signal from noise.​

AI that can do summarization is one obvious example of DistillAI. Summarization turns lengthy, unstructured documents into a more digestible format for humans.

DistillAI stretches far beyond; it encompasses an array of tools capable of transforming unstructured inputs, such as conversational language, into structured, actionable formats like summaries, tables or charts for humans -- or even code, metadata and API endpoints for machines.

​​This is the prowess of DistillAI – turning the tumultuous tsunami of information into understandable, navigable and actionable streams of knowledge that help humans be more effective.

This is our Mission. The part of the Vision we’re tackling first.

Transform AI tooling into better outcomes for enterprise knowledge workers

Storytell is an enterprise AI SaaS platform built on a proprietary DistillAI algorithm for knowledge workers to get their jobs done more effectively than they could on their own.

Story Tiles™: The building blocks of Storytell

Everything you experience with Storytell is powered by Story Tiles.™ A Story Tile™ is the smallest "atomic unit" of a piece of content -- a discrete concept that we package up with metadata into a Story Tile.™

Think of a Story Tile™ as an individual frame in the Peanuts cartoon below. When you zoom out, you can see the big picture is comprised of many small frames.

In the same way, longer-form content (a one hour YouTube video, a long article, a business contract, a long email thread, a 90 minute Zoom meeting, etc) is comprised of many individual Story Tiles.™ By creating and recommending these valuable Story Tiles,™ we are able to distill signal from noise for you in valuable ways.

We produce Story Tiles™ by using a proprietary Mercury AI Algorithm.

This is our North Star Metric. We use this formula to measure the success of our Mission in achieving our Vision:

Measure Storytell's "Effective Reach"

Effective Reach = Total Reach   x   Effective Ratio

Total Reach:


Effective Ratio:

This is our Strategy. The way we are using our unique assets to execute on our Mission.

Our Unique Insights:

Knowledge workers who partner with AI to get jobs done will outperform those who don’t.

​"The first thing everyone should do is learn to use AI so they can augment their own productivity"
- Jensen Huang, NVIDIA

Storytell's enterprise AI SaaS platform is built to work out of the box for any enterprise knowledge worker.​

"Every business is already a language business. Every flow is a language flow."
- Greg Brockman​, OpenAI

Each job a Knowledge Worker has to get done follows a process with repeatable steps that can be augmented with DistillAI and automated. We call these “Workstreams”.

​We focus on building our platform for to work best for knowledge workers who greatly benefit by partnering with AI and are excited to do so, and have budgets to work more effectively with AI tooling.