Zight + Storytell: Building an AI Summary + Chat MVP for Zight on a Boat in the BVIs!

The Storytell Founders are on a catamaran this week in the British Virgin Islands with a few advisors and Phin,  a Storytell user, and Head of Product at Zight, a visual communication platfrom.

Jing Conan Wang and Phin have been doing a hackathon on the boat: To ship an MVP of an AI summarization + chat service for Zight users.

Jing and Phin gave us a demo today of the MVP -- we'd love to get user feedback on this!

Here are a few photos of Jing and Phin hacking on the boat -- and thank you to the Storytell Crew for your support, especially Parker who's been working on back-end speed optimizations!

Phin and Jing hacking away

120mbps on a boat -- thanks to Starlink!
Phin and Jing sailing!