Why would you want to use Sparkle.ai?

Why might you have a business need for Sparkle.ai? Before answering that question, let’s explore what might lead you down this path:

  • Does your org face the challenge of information sprawl or data siloes?
  • Do you lose institutional knowledge when folks off-board from your company?
  • Do you have a resident expert everyone depends on?
  • Are you trying to better understand your customers? A project you’re working on?
  • Would your customers or employees benefit from an interactive FAQ? Process docs?
  • Do you ever find yourself repeating yourself (i.e. potential users always ask these three questions)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, creating a custom chatbot built on company data may be the solution you’re looking for. But here’s the catch: none of your sensitive data can leave the “building” — so how do you take advantage of the rise of conversational AI and respect your company policies?

We have an answer for you: Sparkle.ai. When you upload docs to Sparkle, it detects identifiable information and replaces it with synthetic data. When you download the sanitized version you’ll also receive a key showing what’s been replaced.

Once your data has gone through Sparkle.ai, it's safe for any AI, including Storytell. You can use Storytell to create custom chatbots or chat with any long, complex document via web or Chrome extension.