Why Storytell created Sparkle.ai as an OSS project to Sanitize Enterprise Data for AI use cases

What is Sparkle?

Sparkle is an open source project that sanitizes sensitive data. You can learn how to use Sparkle here. Here's an example of what Sparkle does:

Why did Storytell create Sparkle?

Storytell.ai is a powerful AI system for bringing knowledge alive within an enterprise. We've heard from Fortune 500 users that in order for them to leverage the power of Storytell, they need to ensure their sensitive company data is not being sent to 3rd party systems like OpenAI (or other foundational LLM models), Zilliz (or other vector databases), Deepgram (or other processing services), etc.

How does Sparkle solve the "Enterprise AI data problem"?

We've built Sparkle to be a data sanitization pre-processing engine, and we've created it as a fully open source service. Open source was important to us so enterprises can fully inspect the code and even run it locally in their own environments. Sparkle is used to sanitize an enterprise's sensitive data before that data is sent to Storytell, meaning the actual sensitive underlying data stays safely within the enterprise and Storytell is only using swapped synthetic data in all it's services.

Here's how to use Sparkle.ai with Storytell.ai: