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Easily transform existing assets across verticals. Repurpose blog posts into engaging videos, whitepapers into infographics, webinars into social media posts, and testimonials into case studies. Save time and resources while expanding reach and engaging target audiences with Storytell

Why managing AI risk presents new challenges

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The difficult of using AI to improve risk management

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How to bring AI into managing risk

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Pros and cons of using AI to manage risks

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Benefits and opportunities for risk managers applying AI

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We all understand importance of creating valuable content that resonates with your target audience. However, constantly generating fresh ideas and crafting new pieces from scratch can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. That's where repurposing content comes in – and Storytell is here to help you do it efficiently and effectively.

Storytell's AI-powered platform enables you to easily transform content from one format to another, allowing you to maximize the reach and impact of your existing assets. Here's how you can leverage Storytell to repurpose content across different verticals:

Transform blog posts into engaging videos
With Storytell, you can quickly turn your written blog posts into compelling video scripts. Storytell will analyze your content, identify key points, and create a structured outline for your video. This saves you time and effort in the scriptwriting process, ensuring your videos align with your blog's core message.

Adapt webinar content for social media
Webinars offer a wealth of valuable content, but their long-form nature may not be suitable for social media platforms. With Storytell, you can easily repurpose your webinar content into bite-sized social media posts. Our AI identifies key takeaways, generates attention-grabbing headlines, and crafts platform-specific captions to ensure your content performs well across various channels.

Turn customer testimonials into case studies
Customer testimonials are powerful social proof, but they often lack the depth and context needed to fully showcase your product or service's value. Storytell helps you transform these testimonials into compelling case studies by identifying common themes, highlighting key benefits, and structuring the content in a persuasive narrative format.

Here's an example of turning a blog post into a video:

  1. Let's take a blog post we want to use. For now let's use this blog post from DROdio.
  2. I've uploaded the blog post as a website link into SmartChat™ and tagged it as "Blog to Video" -- Feel free to tag your content as you see fit!
Upload blog to SmartChat™
  1. Chat with the file you've just uploaded to create a script! Here's the prompt that I used:
    Turn this blog into a script for a video by:
    1. Identifying the key points and main ideas from the blog post
    2. Creating a structured outline for the video, including:  
    - An attention-grabbing introduction  
    - Main sections or chapters, each focusing on a key point  
    - Smooth transitions between sections  
    - A compelling conclusion that summarizes the main message
    3. Adapting the language and tone to be more conversational and suitable for a video format
    4. Providing suggestions for visuals, animations, or examples that could enhance the video's engagement
    5. Ensuring the script has a logical flow and keeps the audience interested throughout
    Please keep the script concise, engaging, and easy to follow.
  2. Here's the output:
Here is a script for a video based on the key points and ideas from the blog post:
Imagine a world where employees can harness the power of AI to become more effective and productive at work. But at the same time, IT departments are concerned about the risks and challenges of making AI accessible to everyone. Welcome to the current state of AI in the enterprise.
Section 1: The AI Tug-of-War
- Employees are eager to use AI tools to improve their work, both professionally and personally
- However, IT departments are hesitant due to security, data governance, and control concerns
- This creates a tug-of-war between accessibility and safety, similar to the pre-DevOps era
Transition: So, how can we bridge this gap and make AI both accessible and safe in the enterprise?
Section 2: Making AI Accessible
- Employees want AI to "just work" without worrying about technical details
- They need AI to be seamlessly integrated into their daily workflows
- is building an enterprise AI platform that makes AI accessible to employees
Transition: But accessibility is only one side of the coin. Let's talk about safety.
Section 3: Making AI Safe for Enterprises
- Companies need granular control over how AI is used within their organization
- This includes data security, permissions, governance, and choosing the right AI models for each task
- Storytell's platform addresses these concerns through its Data Plane, Management Plane, Model Plane, and LLM Router
Transition: By combining accessibility and safety, Storytell is helping bridge the gap between employees and IT departments.
Section 4: The Benefits of Accessible and Safe AI
- Employees can focus on higher-value work and feel empowered by AI assistance
- Companies can leverage AI while maintaining control and security
- Storytell's platform integrates with existing systems through an SDK and API
The key to making AI thrive in the enterprise is to get employees and IT departments on the same side of the table. By making AI both accessible and safe, Storytell is helping organizations achieve this goal. It's time to embrace AI and make work more meaningful for everyone.
Visual Suggestions:
- Use animations to illustrate the tug-of-war between employees and IT departments
- Show examples of employees using AI in their daily work
- Visualize Storytell's architecture components (Data Plane, Management Plane, etc.)
- Use engaging infographics to highlight key statistics or benefits

By leveraging Storytell, you can efficiently repurpose your content across different verticals, saving time and resources while expanding your reach and engaging your target audience on multiple platforms. We make the repurposing process seamless, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality content that drives results. Unlock the full potential of your content with Storytell – the smarter way to repurpose, engage, and grow your audience.

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