Learning from our Users: Falling in love with the problem, not the solution

Here at Storytell, one of our core values is that “Market Signal is our North Star.” This means our truth comes from our users. In order to live that core value, we are very focused on better understanding our users, because we find that we always have things to learn from users. Just yesterday, we held our first Storytell User Group Meetup at our office in San Mateo, CA and online on Zoom.

We got to watch our users interact with Storytell, to tell us what they loved, and to tell us what they longed for.

One main topic that consistently comes up is the importance of data in all facets: How we capture data, what we do with the data, how the user controls the data. We shipped an update to our data privacy policy right in that session based on user feedback: It wasn’t clear to one user that they retain ownership of any works they create with Storytell, so we added this bullet point during the user session:

These opportunities to interact with and learn from our users are invaluable to us. Thank you for helping us build Storytell, users.