How Adam Frankl Used Storytell to Write His Best-Selling Book from Zoom Calls

A Revolutionary Approach to Content Creation

Adam Frankl, a CEO coach, used Storytell along with Vin from to write his book, "The Developer Facing Startup," which has already made its mark on Amazon's bestseller list just two days after its release.

Here’s a detailed look at how Adam utilized Storytell to transform his Zoom coaching sessions into a compelling book.

Adam shares on a Zoom call how Storytell + Vin from helped write his best-selling book

The Genesis of the Idea

Adam’s primary business revolves around coaching CEOs, and much of his work involves insightful conversations over Zoom. Recognizing the wealth of knowledge and teachable moments embedded in these interactions, Adam saw an opportunity to repurpose this content into a book. However, the challenge was to do so without adding to his already busy schedule.

Enter Storytell

Adam tapped Vin Cilento of to use Storytell's SmartChat™ Collaborative Intelligence Platform on Adam's Zoom calls.

Storytell became the cornerstone of Adam’s book-writing process. The platform is capable of tapping into Zoom recordings and extracting the essence of each conversation. Here’s how it worked for Adam:

  1. Recording and Analyzing Zoom Calls: During his coaching sessions, Storytell would access the Zoom recordings and identify the key teachable moments. This process was automated, ensuring that Adam didn’t have to spend additional time reviewing the sessions himself.
  2. Anonymizing Content: To maintain client confidentiality, Storytell anonymized the content, ensuring that no specific client details were revealed. This was crucial for Adam, as it allowed him to share valuable insights without compromising privacy.
  3. Summarizing and Crafting Stories: Vin Cilento, a skilled technical writer, used Storytell's output to summarize these teachable moments into 200-word social media consumables. These summaries were crafted in Adam’s voice, ensuring consistency and authenticity.

Seamless Integration with Social Media

One of the standout features of Vin's work with Storytell was his ability to produce content that Adam could directly post on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Here’s how this integration worked:

  • Automated Story Creation: After each Zoom coaching session, Adam would receive emails from Vin containing the summarized stories. These stories were ready for immediate posting, requiring minimal to no editing.
  • Audience Feedback: By posting these summaries on LinkedIn, Adam could gauge the audience’s reaction. Positive feedback indicated that the content resonated with his followers, while less popular posts provided insights into what might not work in the book.
  • Content Curation: This iterative process allowed Adam to curate the best-performing content for his book. Essentially, his book was written on LinkedIn, with the audience playing a crucial role in shaping the final product.

The Result: A Bestselling Book

The culmination of this innovative process was "The Developer Facing Startup," a book that encapsulates the wisdom and insights from Adam’s coaching sessions. Vin's use of Storytell not only streamlined the content creation process but also ensured that the book was filled with real, actionable advice that had already been validated by his LinkedIn audience.

Adam Frankl’s use of Storytell to write his book is a testament to the power of technology in content creation. By automating the extraction and summarization of key insights from his Zoom coaching sessions, Adam was able to produce a high-quality book without diverting time from his primary business. This approach not only saved time but also engaged his audience in the content creation process, resulting in a book that truly resonates with readers. As Storytell continues to evolve, it’s exciting to imagine how other content creators might leverage similar tools to bring their ideas to life.

How you can do this, too:

You can contact Vin at to set this Storytell SmartChat™ workflow up and make your Zoom calls proiftable as well -- maybe even write a book from your Zoom calls like Adam did!