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Storytell simplifies creating case studies and press releases, helping you share success stories effectively. Upload customer experiences for AI-generated case studies, or input announcement details for optimized press releases. Save time, maintain consistent branding, and showcase your company's impact with Storytell's streamlined content creation process.

Why managing AI risk presents new challenges

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The difficult of using AI to improve risk management

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How to bring AI into managing risk

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Pros and cons of using AI to manage risks

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Benefits and opportunities for risk managers applying AI

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Sharing your company's successes and milestones is crucial for building brand awareness and credibility. Case studies and press releases are powerful tools to showcase your achievements, but creating these materials can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Storytell offers an innovative solution to your creation process, helping you share your stories more effectively.

Unlock the Potential of Your Success Stories
Every business has valuable success stories waiting to be told. Whether it's a customer who achieved remarkable results using your product or a groundbreaking initiative that's transforming your industry, these stories deserve to be shared. Storytell makes it easy to unlock the potential of your company's successes and transform them into compelling case studies and press releases.

Simplify Case Study Creation
With Storytell, creating a case study is a breeze. Simply upload relevant information about your customer's experience, and our platform will analyze the data, identify key insights, and generate a compelling narrative that highlights the value your company provided. You can then refine and customize the case study to ensure it aligns with your brand voice and messaging.

By automating much of the case study creation process, Storytell enables you to develop a library of powerful success stories quickly and efficiently. This means you can showcase your company's impact more frequently and across a wider range of channels.

Craft Press Releases That Capture Attention
Storytell also simplifies the creation of press releases. Input key details about your announcement, such as the headline, summary, and key quotes, and our platform will generate a professional-grade press release ready for distribution.

Our platform ensures that your press releases are optimized for maximum impact. By analyzing data on successful press releases and media trends, Storytell crafts content that is more likely to capture journalists' attention and generate coverage.

Save Time and Resources
Leveraging Storytell to create case studies and press releases can save you significant time and resources. Our platform eliminates the need for extensive research, interviews, and writing, allowing your team to focus on other high-impact activities.

Storytell empowers you to transform your customer testimonials into engaging case studies and press releases with ease. Here's how:

Step 1: Identify Compelling Testimonials
Upload your testimonials to Storytell. You can use Storytell to review your existing customer testimonials and identify those that highlight the most significant benefits and outcomes of your product or service. Here's a prompt you can use:

Review these customer testimonials and identify the top 3 that:
1. Highlight the most significant benefits and outcomes of our product/service
2. Provide specific examples of how our offering solved a problem or improved the customer's business
3. Tell a compelling story that showcases the value of our product/service

For each selected testimonial, provide a brief explanation of why it was chosen.

Step 2: Generate Case Studies

Create a structured outline for a case study based on this/these testimonial/s:
1. Identify the key challenge or problem the customer faced before using our product/service
2. Highlight the specific features or benefits of our offering that addressed the customer's needs
3. Outline the implementation process and how the customer adopted our solution
4. Provide quantifiable results and improvements the customer experienced after using our product/service
5. Conclude with a summary of the key takeaways and the overall impact on the customer's business

Ensure the outline follows a logical narrative structure and emphasizes the value provided by our offering.

Step 3: Craft Press Releases
Using the insights from the case studies, Storytell will help you create attention-grabbing press releases.

Draft a compelling press release that highlights the key elements of this customer success story:
1. Create an attention-grabbing headline that emphasizes the main benefit or outcome
2. Write a brief summary paragraph that encapsulates the story and its significance
3. Provide background information on the customer and their challenges
4. Describe how our product/service addressed the customer's needs and the results achieved
5. Include quotes from the customer and our company spokesperson to add credibility and human interest
6. Conclude with a call-to-action and information on how to learn more about our offering

Ensure the press release is concise, newsworthy, and effectively showcases the value of our product/service.

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