Doing User Persona Mapping... With Our Users!

As I shared in Reducing The Cost of Failure, our goal is to "build the right thing fast, instead of the wrong thing right." Few ways are better to do that than by really listening to our users.

We had an opportunity to do this yesterday in a User Persona Mapping session at a Fortune 250 company where one of our users, Pierre, works. Here's a selfie we took together in the lobby with a few Storytellers + Storytell users:

It was incredible, and humbling, to be invited in by a user so that we could better understand our users. Here's what this user, Pierre told us at dinner afterwards:

"I've gotta tell you, I'm so impressed with the progress you made. It's just been incredible. We went to the San Diego offsite and we were there prototyping together in person... I was like, `this is really cool. But I wonder if this is just because we're all here together in person.` But literally, the stuff that we were whiteboarding at that offsite has been delivered."

So to all get together again to build on that progress yesterday felt incredible. Here's @Erika Anderson - CCO kicking the session off:

The actual Persona Mapping exercise was led by Flavio Masson an expert facilitator:

Everyone spent two hours in FigJam together sharing details about themselves: What motivates us, what do we think about, what are our pains, our gains, our approaches to tooling. What's working and what's not? And much more.

Here's a picture of @ryanfritsch getting user feedback on the new home page:

I can't wait to see what Storytell does with this incredible learning from our users that we're lucky to have an opportunity to get. Thank you, users!