Boost Your Event Reach: Auto-Generate Post-Event Content with

Let's walk through how we're using to auto-generate Knowledge Base (KB) posts for our webinars.

Are you organizing events or webinars to connect with your audience and stakeholders? If so, creating post-event content is crucial to keep the momentum going and engage both attendees and potential leads long after the event ends. However, crafting this content can be time-consuming and tedious since you have to scrub through the whole event recording, take notes, before starting to generate content. That's where comes in to simplify the process for you.

Let's walk through how we're using to auto-generate Knowledge Base (KB) posts for our webinars:

Step 1: Upload Your Event Recordings to SmartChat™

Whether it's a video, audio, or transcript file, easily load your event recording into SmartChat™. If your event was livestreamed on YouTube, the Storytell Chrome extension makes the integration seamless. (Check out the Storytell Chrome Extension guide here)

Step 2: Create a Tag for Organization

Establish a tag for your content.

Step 3: Guide Our Language Model (LLM) with Your Writing Style

Share your preferred writing style by using an initial KB post created from a past webinar, which was mostly-human produced. This serves as a template to automate content for future webinars. Use this prompt to instruct SmartChat™ effectively.

This is the templated prompt we use to automate content for the succeeding webinars:

This how the KB articles for Storytell webinars are written:
Title: Storytell Webinar: Empowering Data Fanatics with SmartChat™ for Advance Analytics

"This webinar is dedicated to showcasing how Storytell's SmartChat™ for individuals and professional working with unstructured and structured data, including analysts, data scientists, and strategic decision-makers. This provides a walkthrough of SmartChat™ capabilities that address the intricacies of handling file types like CSV and XLS to uncover valuable and actionable insights so you could make informed decisions with ease.
The session delves into how SmartChat™ can be utilized by data professionals to transform zettabytes of data into actionable intelligence, optimize data analysis workflows, and enhance collaboration across departments by breaking down data silos.

Highlighted scenarios for SmartChat™ use:
Pain point: “Analyzing data takes too much time, and I can’t keep up with the pace."With Storytell, you can SmartChat™ with your entire data repository, may it be XLS, CSV, or PDF files, extracting key insights instantly, no matter the volume.

Pain point: “Our data is scattered across multiple platforms, making it hard to get a holistic view."Storytell’s SmartChat™ consolidates data from various sources, providing a unified view for comprehensive analysis.
Pain point: “I struggle to communicate complex data findings to non-technical stakeholders."SmartChat™ simplifies the complexity, allowing you to translate intricate data into digestible and actionable insights

By the end of the webinar, you'll learn how to leverage SmartChat™ to aid you in data analysis and reporting goals, ensuring that your organizations stay ahead of the curve in a data-driven business landscape."
Now, create a version of KB post following the writing style provide for the video Webinar [Webinar title]


And Storytell's response based on the event material:

Title: "Storytell Webinar: Supercharged Research with AI-Driven Insights"
Body: Delve into the transformative realm of research with Storytell's groundbreaking webinar, which illuminates the prowess of SmartChat™ in supercharging the research process for academics, corporate researchers, and anyone in pursuit of knowledge. This session provides an in-depth exploration of SmartChat™ features that empower users to navigate the complexities of both structured and unstructured data, from academic journals to real-time market trends.

The webinar offers a deep dive into SmartChat™'s ability to elevate research methodologies, enabling users to sift through terabytes of information and distill them into meaningful, actionable insights. Discover how to leverage AI to streamline research, enhance data comprehension, and foster a collaborative environment by bridging the gap between disparate data sets.

Highlighted scenarios for SmartChat™ use in Research:
Pain point: “Keeping abreast of the latest research developments is overwhelming."SmartChat™ utilizes AI to provide instantaneous summaries and analyses of current research, keeping you informed at the speed of thought.
Pain point: “Integrating diverse research findings into a coherent narrative is challenging."Storytell's SmartChat™ seamlessly merges data from myriad sources, crafting a unified narrative that encapsulates your research's breadth and depth.
Pain point: “Translating complex research concepts for interdisciplinary applications is strenuous."SmartChat™ renders complex ideas into accessible insights, facilitating cross-disciplinary understanding and application.

By participating in this webinar, you'll gain the expertise to harness the full potential of SmartChat™ in your research endeavors, positioning yourself at the forefront of innovation and ensuring that your work resonates with clarity and impact in the ever-evolving knowledge economy.

You can use Story Tiles™ to verify accuracy of the content output